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    all shoujo manga follows a simple but lucrative plot. girl likes boy, the most popular one the school, 200+ scenes of fluff and will they or won’t they, petty rivals and some misunderstandings that couldn’t clear up 30 chapters ago. more fluff and ends in babies ever after. or table flips of rage depending how much a troll the creator is.

    say i love you is one of the better ones but is refreshing. for one sex is that thing that happens, it’s something teenagers do. in most most it’s something that either doesn’t exist, used to shame a character, or just half ass it by waiting till marriage.

    and the second thing this series focusing on bullying. there are also a couple scenes where the heroine is bullied but it’s never more than passing event. our heroine, mei is bullied to the point where she rarely talks much less has friends. i always empathize with all the heroines but mei’s the only i can see myself in. she’s all alone until she meets yamato, a popular boy but has been… [Read More]
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    i don’t remember

    this is a lie but i like this one , so i’ll keep it.

    i don’t like to remember
    all memories just fit together to form a mirror of days past
    i don’t need that right
    i used to be happy
    so high in the clouds
    why chase honey sweet wisps of a life gone by?
    all it’ll do is sour my current hell
    so i’ll walk on the shards of memory lane
    each prick fueled to get moving forward
    and i’ll pull them out my tried flesh to be whole again
    if i remember to.

    for the first thing I've written in months, i don't this is too bad. you? [Read More]
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    I'm listening to a debate on you tube to keep me engaged while I'm cleaning up this pigstye of a house, and a sweet old Catholic nun just jacked up my blood pressure by recycling an old, outdated, de-bunked, insulting assumption based in a combination of arrogance and ignorance sprinkled heavily with an underlying essence of unrecognized privilege. She was speaking of her charity work in providing healthcare to the under-served populations of the world. I'd like to take a diversion from topic just for a moment to mention a couple of things. Firstly, charity work is one of the few positive things I will grant have and do come from deep religious faith. I am rarely against helping others, and if your impetus is founded in the Christian teachings of compassion or the tradition of hospitality embedded in Islam then more power to you. Secondly, I also work in the healthcare field, and so I have a first-hand knowledge of some of the things she is talking about. While no medical expert, I do… [Read More]
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    Grumpy Gus sure can be full of surprises..
    Yesterday, I had finished the farm chores and was picking things up, putting away some things and GG says...."Say you wanna go to LaCrosse? And look at a new car?"
    Okay I am floored, we'd discussed a new vehicle but since we are Mr. & Mrs. Frugal to the Max, I knew a new vehicle would never be in my driveway again. I'd owned ONE in twenty years that I had bought when I was an Insurance Underwriter and had to commute 100 miles a day. That was before GG and I got together.

    We'd tossed around the thought of a newer vehicle since the old Subaru was having issues and the Jeep only gets 19 miles per gallon.
    We were going to be travelling about 190 miles a day during the start of radiation and chemo treatments.
    GG likes to work on our aged cars himself. And I admit, it never has bothered me to drive an oldie but goodie.
    All of our vehicles have at one time or another reached voting age before we let them go.

    But with a summer of commuting[Read More]
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    Don;t write it down right when I think of it, when I come back It won;t even be a thought. Subject matter at hand, The laptop. =O
    In 2004 or 2005 I sat at a table top monitor, with the high tower hard drive on the floor, and fed vie the phone line, AOL slow as shit. Dial up, you know, someone calls ( no cell phone ) and all they get is that annoying busy signal :cursing: .. Well back then I DIDN'T know about wifi, which I don't use now, rather I use wireless through my own secure modem. Let me back track. After sitting at the tabletop for maybe a week ( chatrooms basically ) Did I ever get a word in? I tried but there were always this group chatting it up, people stopping on, saying hi, get greeted, then chatted some,,, but when I said hi it was like I wasn;t even there. I then gave up and didn't look at another computer =O :/ :huh: ?( :sleeping: :c: ..
    I really didn;t know much about a computers capabilities then.. Rememer 2004 or 2005.. :thumbdown: :( :S worst mistake I ever made in 2004. Married my demise.. Ever… [Read More]
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    Today as an extra layer of optional security, members can now enable 2 Step Verification, thanks to Google. This is an optional security measure that members can take in order to better secure their account (a Google account is not required).

    The point of 2 Step Verification is to add an extra step of security, thus keeping "would be trolls" from trying to gain access to your account by guessing your password. In the history of Socially Uncensored that has only happened 3x on only 3 individual people, who had simply either used a poor password or trusted the wrong person. Never the less, we felt it wouldn't hurt to add this extra layer of security for those who may wish to use it for peace of mind. :)

    The way 2 Step Verification works is you enter your user… [Read More]


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