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    Day one: "Asshole".
    Day two: "More asshole".
    Day three: "Yep! Still an asshole".
    Day four: "Still being an asshole".
    Day five: "Today, a racist asshole".
    Day six: "More of a racist asshole".
    Day seven: "Sabbath day of the asshole".
    Day eight: "Reflections upon whether to be or not to be an asshole".
    Day nine: "Decided to continue to be an asshole".
    Day ten: "Another day, another asshole".
    Day eleven:
    Day twelve:
    Day thirteen: ..."I'm an asshole".
    Day fourteen: "Sabbath day of the asshole".
    Day fifteen: "Still an asshole".
    Day sixteen: "Still an asshole".
    Day seventeen: "Still being an asshole".
    Day eighteen: "If at first you don't succeed, be an asshole".
    Day nineteen: "Waiter! Can I get some service over here? I'm an asshole!"
    Day twenty: "Asshole Crossing". Walk at your own risk.
    Day twenty one: "Sabbath day of the asshole".
    Day twenty three: "Assholes Я Us".
    Day twenty four: "I hear assholes....everywhere".
    Day twenty five: "Jingle Bells! Assholes smell! And so do all their[Read More]
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    This is the continuation of my blog series concerning Comcast, Comcast Xfinity, Comcast NBCUniversal, or if you prefer to simply call them Xfinity. If this your first time following this, you may wish to start with Part 1, 2, and 3.
    1. Customer to Comcast: I'm sorry is not good enough. - Part 1
    2. Customer to Comcast: I'm sorry is not good enough. - Part 2
    3. Customer to Comcast: I'm sorry is not good enough. - Part 3
    In my previous blog entries, I told you how my services was deactivated with a notice telling me that I owed, $0.00. I detailed how using my current log-in information (user name and password) was forcefully redirecting me to an old account that I had closed over 3 years ago, preventing me from accessing my current account. I also detailed how Comcast Xfinity themselves could not process payment on my current account as doing so would automatically kick out the Comcast representative.

    If you thought matters could not get any worse, as I once did, you too would be wrong.

    [Read More]
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    Finally I am back. Life got a little hectic but I am glad to say I am here and staying now.
    A little catch up. I moved out of my aunts, I live with two good friends of mine in a nice house. Just recently got the bills successfully paid for this month. Things are looking up for me. I also have a boyfriend. We have been dating for almost a month. In exactly a week we will have been dating for a month. He makes me the happiest person on the planet. He treats me exactly how I want and need to be treated. His name is James. I will give you more about him soon. One thing that I do not like is that I had to let my dog stay with my aunt until I got the money raised for the pet deposit. Now that I do have the money I asked if I could come get him and she said as of right now no. I think though that she wants to get another dog so her dog won't be lonely when my dog comes to live with me. Another thing is that me and James have decided to get a kitten!!! She is the cutest. I will show pics of… [Read More]
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    Well, I must admit I had quite a weekend. But nonetheless, I had to work on Memorial Day. Which was alright, since it rained most of the morning. But it cleared up by the afternoon, and we got busy as expected.

    I am an Assistant Manager at a Olive Garden restaurant. But our restaurant is franchised. So, we are able to make more money than if it was owned by OG itself. Tom Sullivan is the store owner, and my boss is Steve Grady. I have known Steve before I started working for OG. He was the one who wanted me to work there, since at the time -- in 2010 -- they were looking for another manager. So, I have worked since then. But in the Fall, I also drive trucks. Mostly a rig. I drive all over the Midwest, parts of the East coast, and sometimes as far west as California. I work for a private company, so I can't disclose its name. But it is "military" funded. So, I see all branches of the Armed Services.

    But this isn't what my post is about today. It is really about this...

    Yesterday, I… [Read More]
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    After getting GG fed and taken care of ... then he visited with kids and watched them do chores...
    The kids and I decided to take a little adventure by car.
    We headed out to Tainter Hollow and loaded with cameras, we went in search of fun things to see.

    We took snacks and water.

    We took the 'magic' Subaru!

    We took funny selfies...

    We stopped and climbed under a little bridge and spent about 45 minutes watching 'mud' swallows fly in to their mud nests built under the bridge and feed their babies.

    Afterwards, the kids helped me bath hound dogs, clean and wash dog houses, and do other chores.
    We popped in and out of the house and checked on GG, who finally came out of the house and got on his skid steer and put out a round bale of hay.

    YAY! He did something that involved getting out.
    I know it was tough, but I think it was good for him.

    He had a very rough Friday, a terrible sort of emotional Saturday night, and so far Sunday seemed to be in a decent frame of mind.

    Today we[Read More]


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